Plan your transport using the PARIS Optimal PlanningOptimiserdirectly from your own TMS

PARIS technology available in the cloud, allowing you to make the ultimate transport plans for your business built using our many years of transport optimisation experience

PARIS is Optimised Transport Planning

PARIS is the market leading system for optimising full load transport via truck, rail and barge. The PARIS API takes the optimiser from PARIS and makes this available in the cloud for customers to use within their own transport management systems.

  • Powerful Optimisation

    The PARIS optimiser has been developed over many years to be the most sophisticated full load planning engine on the market.

    Optimised transport plans are created automatically for all inbound and outbound container or trailer moves.
  • Real-time Performance

    Traditional manual planning methods takes many person hours per day. With the PARIS API the initial planning and re-working of the plan is completed in seconds.

    Try it yourself to see the performance.
  • Simple Integration

    Upload your transport orders automatically via the cloud based API from your TMS or online via Excel, moments later your optimised transport plan will be presented to you.

    This can be downloaded via the API back to your TMS or online via Excel.
  • Multi Modal

    PARIS can plan truck only or truck combined with intermodal options such as rail and barge.

    Where allowed, PARIS will position empty equipment strategically and cost effectively given available options.
  • Generate Savings

    PARIS will continuously find the overall lowest cost transport plan, creating significant savings for your business.

    PARIS generates savings from re-using empty equipment by combining loads (a.k.a. triangulation/tip-reload/street-turn) and maximising utilisation of transport resources
  • Cooperative

    The PARIS API can be used as to create a neutral and secure platform for your combined planning.

    The PARIS optimiser can be used to find optimisation opportunities from combined planning while maintaining de-centralised planning.
  • Mapping

    The PARIS API uses an underlying market leading mapping tool to determine the correct routing, distances and transit time for the right type of vehicle.

    The distances are used to determine accurate cost calculations for the trips generated.
  • Highly Configurable

    The PARIS optimiser has many configuration settings to create the right planning for your business.

    We will work with you to make sure it is set up perfectly. The PARIS team has many years of experience developing transport optimisers.
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    Have difficult questions to answer regarding your transport planning and simply need a tool to answer these questions?

    PARIS API can be used to create optimised retrospectively and by changing resourcing parameters you can see the true cost to your business and make informed decisions.

How it works

PARIS will create the ultimate transport plan for you in only a few easy steps

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  • 1Select your transport orders for planning
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  • 2Upload your orders online via an Excel file or by using the PARIS API
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