Plan your transport using the PARIS Optimal PlanningOptimiserdirectly from your own TMS

PARIS technology available in the cloud, allowing you to make the ultimate transport plans for your business built using our many years of transport optimisation experience

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    Powerful Optimisation

    PARIS is the market leading system for optimising full load transport via truck, rail and barge. The PARIS API takes the optimiser from PARIS and makes this available in the cloud for your use

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    Simple Integration

    Upload your transport orders automatically via the web based API or online via MS Excel, moments later your optimised transport plan will be presented to you. This can be downloaded via the API or online via Excel

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    Fast Performance

    Traditional manual planning methods takes many person hours per day. With the PARIS API the initial planning and re-working of the plan is completed in seconds. Try it yourself to see the performance

How it works

PARIS will create the ultimate transport plan for you in only a few easy steps

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  • 1Select your transport orders for planning
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  • 2Upload your orders online via an Excel file or by using the PARIS API
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  • 3PARIS creates an optimised transport plan in seconds